Re: Absence of boom-kickers on a 54

Paul Dowd and Sharon Brown

Ours came with no kicker but the boom does have an attachment point.




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Well, like so many things on the 54, it is difficult to compare one 54 to another because so many things changed during the production run. 


Just when I think I know this boat, something else pops up that shatters that assumption. The first time this rope kicker thing came up, I was certain I had seen it and it existed on 54s. Then I was on at least eight 54s that were missing the rope kicker. My first thought was that "old age memory loss" was showing its ugly face...well maybe it is. I assume that the 54s with the rope kicker have a slightly different boom, because those booms without the rope kicker have no attachment point on the boom. I still say those missing the kicker were also probably missing the unwavering attention to detail from Henri Amel and his ability to understand the unforgiving sea and his customers.




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On Amelia we have the rope kicker. I use it as a preventer to the forward lifting chainplate when sailing off the wind. Or as a kicker to the mast base. Upwind it is not needed as the main sheet track is so far forward but as soon as the wind is aft then it is essential to keep the main powered up.

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On 15 May 2019, at 09:14, Barry Connor via Groups.Io <connor_barry@...> wrote:

Food for thought.

On our Amel 54 "Lady Penelope II" # 17 we have the rope boom attachment and on Ruedi's Amel 54 "Wasabi #55 he does not have the rope boom attachment.

We are sailing together at this time and I do see that my rope is tight in strong winds, keeps the boom from rising. 

We are noticing and discussing the changes that took place between #17 and  #55


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You are correct and the same boom rigging exists for the 54 sans the rope boom kicker.


I believe that Henri Amel placed a rope kicker on HIS boats because he knew that "sometimes, something goes wrong with even the most experienced crew."


It appears to me that it was likely planned for the 54, but someone at the last minute decided that it wasn't necessary on the 54. It was probably the same person who decided that the engine room hatch didn't really need to miss the cockpit table when opening the engine room hatch.


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On Tue, May 14, 2019, 9:49 PM Ian <parkianj@...> wrote:

I’m guessing here but the SN and SM have a rope that ‘serves’ as a kicker. But with the full width main sheet track on the foredeck and then the preventer when fully downwind I haven’t had cause to need a kicker. I can get all the flattening I need on the mainsail from this combination.
Obviously I have no experience of the 54.


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