Re: Now locker floor replacement

Mike Ondra

Hi Tom. The bolt you’re talking about screws into a steel plate embedded in the fiberglass. That plate is I believe welded to the hawse pipe to transfer load to the hawse pipe.. With the rusting out of the hawse pipe the plate also rusted and broke away the fiberglass encasement. It is highly compromised.

The structural load from the windlass is transferred to the hawse pipe and ultimately resolved down to the Locker floor and then over to the vertical divider between the two bow lockers as the primary structural resistance. Therefore our thought is to utilize an L-shaped steel strap bolted directly to the vertical divider between the bow lockers to receive the windlass bolt and thereby transferred load directly from the bolt to the vertical divider.
We do need to remember that the forces on these bolts are limited by the power of the windlass motor. Actual anchoring loads should be directed to the big cleat or with bridle to the port and starboard bow cleats.

Having directed the loads directly to the vertical panel The hawse pipe no longer takes the structural load. Our next step with this is to find a piece of pipe PVC plumbing pipe or PVC conduit that will slip over the stubs of the old hawse pipe that we left behind. I will follow up after doing so.
Aletes SM240

On May 18, 2019, at 6:36 PM, Thomas Kleman <lorient422@...> wrote:

Hey mike- cool pics....question for you. Are all 4 of your windlass bolts accessible or is the back starboard bolt glassed over ? Wondering why not just replace the whole hawse pipe and make your header for it also a lip for the back starboard bolt ?

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