Re: Marco UP6/E pump and MASS+ light

Duane Siegfri


I had the same issue (masse light) with my Marco UP3E pump.  I would be very interested in what you may have learned.. 

I also removed the bonding wire from the pump to solve the problem.  However, a year later the pump stopped running in a place I could not easily replace it.  I disassembled the motor and found the motor brush wire was completely corroded and had fallen apart.  I'm guessing that the corroded wire was touching the case???  As a temporary repair I soldered in a new brush wire, but I don't expect it to work for long. 

I'm not sure what caused the brush wire to corrode.  Only one of them did, the other was fine.  Now I need to replace the pump and I am not sure I want another Marco pump.  The cause of the corrosion could be external to the pump I suppose.  There were not any leaks wetting the pump.  The only thing I can think of causing the corrosion was the plumbing fittings I used.  They were advertised as 316 stainless steel, but they are corroding internally like mad.  I'm replacing that plumbing with Pex, plastic fittings and stainless pinch rings.

Wanderer, SM#477

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