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Mark Erdos



While you are underway and the holding tank valve is open, sea water can push upward. This will cause added pressure in the tank and the air pressure in the tank will put backward pressure on your joker valve. You can either close the holding tank valve or replace the joker valve to solve your problem.


I am assuming the water in the toilet is smelly. The only other path for water is from the flush. It might be possible to have the contents of the flush hose empty into the toilet. This would be a one-time event until the toilet is flushed again. This can be solved by using the empty bowl option on the rocker switch and not putting more water into the hose.



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Thank you Mark, i do not think that's the problem as after flushing, the water in the hose do not flow back to the bowl, and even if that would be the malfunction part it should not come in more water that is in the hose itself.

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