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I just purchased for A54 the whole set including Asym Spinnaker plus all the extras – 5 sails for approx. USD19K delivered ISTANBUL airport. Hydra Net tri-radial.

This includes the Bill ROUSE YACHT SCHOOL discount and then, without me asking, Emrah gave a some support towards the sky high airfreight from ISTANBUL to PORT VILA VANUATU via AUCKLAND.


The communication was excellent – a far cry from some of the other sail makers I contacted.

I trust the quality & cut to be excellent based on the fact that I am number 34 (or so) AYOG member ordering since October 2018 as well as Bill R recommendation (knowing how tremendously picky Bill is on anything AMEL related).


I am replacing 3 year old QUANTUM carbon fiber laminated sails which only did approx. 3500 NM but have been sitting furled in the sun for all of those 3 years; the Genoa especially has problems. Every sail maker on board (Dr. SAIL in NOUMEA NEW CAL and Eric here in VANUATU) tells me the QUANTUM sails are excellent and once repaired can go for 10,000 NM; while my fingers are sticking thru the foot of the main. When I ask them if I can take them up north to SOLOMON and PNG and have them repaired locally they tell me that north of PORT VILA no sailmaker in VANUATU. Then they explain that my real problem is that laminated sails are not good for furlers in the tropics. So I decided to bite the bullet and replace as I had the Genoa repaired 3 times since last year July as recently as 3 weeks ago in NOUMEA and then on the way over to PORT VILA again a piece of the lamination came loose.


Best Regards Teun

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I also want to change my sails, could you tell me what are the rates currently for the hydranet ?
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Le 22/05/2019 à 17:21, Gary Wells a écrit :

Just got my quote from Q Sails in Izmir.  While shipping to Maryland is about $400 US, the pricing seemed quite competitive for a full set of hydranet.  Q Sails states that they have provided about 35 sets of sails to Amels so I hope we are in for an easy and perfectly matched replacement.

I know it's still about three weeks until we actually receive the sails so I'm not able to comment on the fit and quality yet, but if customer responsiveness is any indicator I am already impressed.

Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio
Galesville, MD USA


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