Re: Mizzen furler gearbox on 54

Mohammad Shirloo

Hello Martin;

We had the same issue about 4 years ago. The gear box will come out fairly easily. When we took ours out, water poured out when I turned the gear box upside down. It was fresh water (assuming from rain). 

Since we were not in an area that I wanted to work on the gear box, I decided to shake as much of the water out as I could, let it dry out in the sun for a day and then sprayed corrosion-X (had plenty on board due to recommendation by Bill Rouse) into the gear box, as a temporary measure.

I was amazed on how effortless the furler suddenly became. It has worked flawlessly since and therefore we have not messed with it any more.

Maybe a quick shot of corrosion-X from time to time would be a good maintenance item to be added to the long list of proper maintenance.


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On May 23, 2019, at 9:52 AM, Martin Bevan via Groups.Io <Martin.bevanhome@...> wrote:

The Mizzen furler on my 54 has become increasingly stiff in operation. Any advice on how to introduce a charge of grease without removing the gearbox from the mast?  If it is necessary to remove the gearbox, how do you open it up?

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