Re: New sails

Paul Osterberg

We have "Cruising Laminate" which is Dacron with if I understand it correctly has woven in threads of Dyneema to improve strength and stretch. I had that on my previous boat and was very pleased with it, but of course even extensive holiday sailing is nothing close to live aboard cruising, where wear and tear is so much higher. From my experience now I would hesitate to use "cruising Laminate" again.
North sails claim that their 3D sails has superior durability, they might be right but we talking numbers of 23 000 € for a full set of sails. Incidence offer Hydranet sails for just over 11 000 € both ex VAT. so North sails must last much longer to justify the extra cost, assume shape last better on such high tech sail.
Sail is one of the most important part to be pleased with, one use them very frequently, they provide both comfort and safety if they are in proper shape and condition. i.e. quality is VERY important. I have sailed a few charter type boats with almost new charter sail, sails that were not even good when new and the fun of sailing is suddenly much less.
Further crossing oceans and difficult areas where weather quickly deteriorate sail must be forgiving i.e easy to furl at a sudden squall with wind reaching 40 45 knots one have not very much time to adjust the boom for for wrinkle free furling, and I do not know what to adjust to get wrinkle free furling on a head sail. you may claim sails should be furled before the squall hits you, and you might be right, but there are numerous occasions when weather are bad and further deteriorate and quick further reffing is necessary, Big waves strong current and wind and the going can be very tough I do not want any extra hassle to reffed down. And that is one of the many beauties with our Amel, it is a very safe and easy boat to handle, but it require good quality sails that furls well.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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