Re: Running Backstays


I have owned an Amel 54 for only a few months.   As most 54s, the boat is rigged with genoa and staysail, and yes I have the reinforced mast with a little prebend, and followed the advice on having heavier lower stays than the original. And I have the dyneema lines ready to be used as running backstays ... but no tackle (yet) at the back end of the running backstays.

(My previous boat had a genoa and self-tacking staysail, but had lower forward stays and adjustable hydraulic tension on the aft stays to adjust the mainsail shape, and no running backstays.)

So, I looked through the Amel owner manual and user guide. I found no pictures or advice on using the running backstays.  So I would appreciate a little advice on 3 items

1) Do you have any pictures of your running backstays in action, showing how you rigged the tackle and maybe the size of the tackle..

2) When running downwind, do use them if you have staysail and Genoa (or gennaker) set and are running hard? 

3) When going upwind do you use them only when using staysail in a heavy blow ??

Any help would be appreciated ... especially a picture or two.

Justina (Austin TX)  A54 #34, in France

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