Re: Bow locker floors/hawse pipe replacement project recap

James Alton


   You can buy fibreglass exhaust and better IMO, heavier walled shaft log and rudder post tubing in various sizes,  I am thinking of using the latter after figuring out a way to install some replaceable plastic (probably Delrin/Acetal) bushings.  I will definitely glass the tubing in at both ends so that it becomes a structural part of the boat as was down originally on my boat.   I like the idea of a strong compression member above the floor of the chain locker floor in case the chain ever somehow balled up and jammed which could generate a lot of force!  So far the original work (bow locker floor and the chain pipe) on my boat is still fine after 31 years so I think that the selection of the galvanized pipe was a pretty good choice.  Stainless pipe being more noble and of substantial mass would make a less favourable couple with the chain causing corrosion to occur sooner unfortunately.  

   We will be in Sardinia pretty soon as well, have a nice sail over and who knows maybe we will cross paths!


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How about using pvc pipe and glassing it in place and wrapping it in glass.?
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I think I just realized why Amel didn't use SS pipe for the hawse pipe.  I just priced a 31 inch long pice of 316L SS tubing (OD 3 inch with 0.25 inch wall thickness).  $10 US per inch or $310 for the piece.  Yikes!!  a bit of 1/4 into 316L plate brought the total to $375.00.  The same in galvanized pipe would probably be $10.   

Of course using stainless would alleviate the grief we are all suffering in replacing this bit of kit.  Simultaneously it would prevent us from gaining an intimate knowledge of our boats systems / weak points. 

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