Re: New sails

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Aquarius has a complete set of Hydranet Sails from Qsails, and so far we love them.  We have sailed from Trinidad to New Zealand, and now in Fiji.  The Qsails still look and perform like new.  

The cool thing about buying from Qsails is THEY KNOW YOUR BOAT, and they can provide you sails the fit the first time.  All you have to give them is your Hull Number.  

I told them that I want stock sails for Hull Number 262.  I bought a complete set Main, Mizzen, Genoa, and a Ballooner, and they all fit perfect, the first time.  

You can see the sails on Youtube - Sailing Aquarius Around the World.  

Aquarius SM2K #262

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