Wiring to aft head SM243


Ahoy Amelians,
I’m hoping someone can help me figure out where to look for a break in the connection from the aft head circuit breaker to the aft head switch.  The fill pump has power but the macerator Pump doesn’t.  There’s only one + wire at the breaker which controls both pumps, so somewhere between the breaker and the switches, there’s a connection that splits the + into two legs to the two pumps.  I assume that’s the likely place for there to be a disconnect???
unfortunately the single wire from the breaker disappears a large bundle of wires that goes up the forward engine room bulkhead and into that huge spaghetti bowl of wires above the galley sink.  At the head switch, all wires disappear into a chase going forward. Tracing it’s going to be a challenge, so I was hoping someone might know where it divides into feeds to both pumps.
any help greatly appreciated.
Kent & Iris
SM243 Kristy

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