Important - Amel 54 and any Electrical Emergency #IMPORTANT


I have always recommended, if an Electrical Emergency happens aboard your Amel, the Main Battery Switches should be immediately turned OFF (opened). I have also urged owners to discuss this with crew and especially guests.
Something has come to my attention that surprised me. The 24 volt alternator on Amel 54s, and possibly other Amels, is wired to the 24 Volt Panel side of the Main Battery Switches. This means, if engine is running and you turn OFF the Main Battery Switches, all of the 24 volt devices will continue to get 24 volt power because the 24 volt alternator is generating power and is connected to the 24 volt panel side of the Main Battery Switches. When this recently happened to a client, I was also surprised that the Volvo D3 continued to run with the Main Battery Switches OFF because the D3 needs 12 volts to run. I suspect the D3 was getting current to run from its 12 volt alternator, but that surprises me also.
This is really important that you understand the Main Battery Switches will disconnect the batteries, but not the 24 volt alternator. In the case of the Amel 54, and possibly other Amels, to turn OFF 24 volt power, the Volvo D3 must be OFF as well as the the Main Battery Switches set to OFF.
I am sure that we all would like to know about other model Amels. I do not recommend turning off the switches with the engine running, but rather tracing the wiring.
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