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I think the 55 is a great Amel. Of course, I feel the SM and 54 are great Amels. Neither of these 3 Amels are for everyone. And compared side-by-side there are significant differences as there are in all sailing yachts made over a 34 year period of time. Many things change in 30+ years, especially the market and what the market demands. Amel is in the business of manufacturing yachts. A 34 year old design may appeal to some people today, but it is not what the market is looking for.

I believe there was a bit of genius with Amel's introduction of the Amel 50. Based on sales, this is exactly what the market wanted from Amel. Everyone of us has a stake in Amel's success. Also, you should notice that our main page (AmelYachtOwnersGroup.com) reads, in part: This Group frowns on commercial postings, however we encourage postings which will genuinely help Amel owners source needed parts and services. We encourage you to support the Amel brand and be respectful to the brand in your postings. Care should be taken to not post anything that will be offensive to any Group Member. Please refrain from political issues, rude, or inappropriate language.


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Hi, I’ve owned a 55 for 3 years now.  I disagree with just about everything that Davi says about the 55. I wont put up a post trashing the Sm.  Let me say just one thing.  The 55 is a terrific further development of the 54 and you get what you pay for, and then some.  

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