Re: Cracks on Keel - Amel Super Maramu (1997)

Stephen Hancock

It took a hit. Needs to be delaminated a little to see how far the trouble is and decide how far to go to repair. Maybe just a localized area. Needs a expert to check out the whole keel attachment.

On May 27, 2019, at 9:14 AM, Jarek Zemlo <zemlo.jarek@...> wrote:

Hello to All,

I found Amel SM (1997) that I like to purchase. I had first look yesterday and what is working me mostly is a crack on the keel, front edge with some rust coming out (see pictures). Is this a sign of water penetrating inside the laminate and corrosion of steel and bolts? Anyone with similar experience and advice? Best regards Jarek
Jarek Zemlo

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