Water tank overfill, companionway ladder, galley sink drain hose


I like the idea of an alarm on the float gauge!

I noticed that the last time I collected desalinated water in the bilge, I had stopped making water when it was reading 900 L on the gauge. No water showed up until we were heeled over in a 6 ft sea.

When I clean the tanks again, I will watch the level as the gauge gets closer to full. If it is inaccurate, how would you recalibrate it? Can it be accessed without tearing the cabinetry and/or tank apart?

Also, the support for the companionway door has rotted and fallen down below the ladder. Has anyone disassembled or removed the ladder? Any advice?

Finally, there is quite a kink in the drain hose from the galley sink. It hasn’t caused a problem, but I want to get it repositioned without the kink.. any advice here? Is that the original hose?


Kent & Iris
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