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Bob Grey

Hi Lindy and John, I have owned my 55 for more than 4 years and 15000NM, I regularly sail Bass Strait, have crossed the Tasman and made the winter run to Far North Queensland, 3 times, I have not been disappointed once in those years. You will not be disappointed in the 55, there are 3 now in Australia, all should be at Hamilton Is regatta in 3 months.

Don’t listen to rusted on SM owners, all Amels are fantastic boats and have different sea characteristics, I personally like being able to sail to windward which is harder in the earlier boats and higher speeds at all points of the compass. 

The cabins are lighter and bigger and I have never thought there wasn’t enough storage.

Bob Grey
Renaissance III 
AMEL 55 #25

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, 10:55, Lindy & John Corrie <lindy.corrie@...> wrote:

we are considering purchasing an Amel 55 in Europe and would be very interested in feedback from owners. Our plan is to live onboard for extended periods & sail the boat back to Australia.
good & bad info is most welcome
thanks in advance 

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