locked Re: AMEL 55

Davi Rozgonyi

From the few on here who I've met in real life, y'all know I'm not a confrontational person, nor would I slag off another boat, certainly not another Amel! We're all family here... I just stated my observations to someone who seemed to not have had the opportunity to compare the different models for living on board full time. If you spend 6 months on and six months off, maybe that is not the same situation as someone moving their entire home onto the boat. If you plan to have a home cruising ground vs traveling slowly away, that might be a different situation. If more hatches/windows and wider sterns make for a more seaworthy boat, maybe we have a difference of opinion. If you can stretch out on the port side bench, then banging your head on a mizzen is not really a worry anyway, but many times we sit on the same side because of weather, sun, or the view, so I'd sure miss it (also the fixed table would be problematic as my partners turn the cockpit into a dance floor from time to time). If you can indeed stuff a parasailor into the single bow locker while also accessing other items within it, then I stand corrected, but I will stand so between my twin, if smaller bow lockers, able to reach all my other goodies without pulling the darn thing out :) 

Oh, for the OP, I forgot to add that I was also surprised that the 55 has only 4 cleats per side, the SM has 7 (5 cleats proper, 2 attachment points thru toerails which are in a great spot for holding the dinghy alongside) plus that 1 monster cleat on the center at the bow on SMs that don't seem to come on a 55 because of the twin windlasses. Also missing are the handy-dandy welded Ds under each stanchion (they're great for attaching blocks for various things like lines from a dinghy davit to a winch), as well as a side mounted boarding ladder which, if you do much diving, you'll know is quite a bit safer getting in and out unless you're sailing in a mill pond. Little features missing that surprised me. 

Again, not saying the 55s aren't absolutely gorgeous boats worth every penny if that's the boat you're looking for or have, and I'm sure in a race it would spank me until my mom was crying. But I do not believe Amel went in the direction of full time liveaboard circumnavigating type of sailors with their newer models, full stop. Which was what I interpreted the OP as wanting.

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