Re: Important - Amel 54 and any Electrical Emergency #IMPORTANT

Dean Gillies

Hi Arno,
You are quite correct. The schematics are inconsistent, and as you say the “General Overview” and “24V Circuit” don’t agree in a few areas, however they do both show the 24V alternator on the panel side of the isolator switches, which was Bill’s particular area of concern.

The obvious errors I can see are:

1. The 220V charging is shown as connected directly to the batteries on the Circuit page, but is shown on the other side of the isolator switches on the Overview page. Which is correct?

2. The main engine and generator starters are both shown on the 24v circuit in the Circuit page, I’m sure these operate from the 12v batteries as shown on the Overview page.

There are likely to be some other errors too. I have learned over the years to be wary of boat documentation and Amel documentation seems no different. 

Attached are the two pages for reference.


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