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I take issue with the comment about wide sterns in following seas. Actually a wide stern is what you want on a run or broad. It is called “powerful quarters”. The pinched in stern of IOR vintage might look pretty and offer a nice  clean run in light airs but will not help steering or give sail carrying ability off the wind. It might be a bit sticky in light air due to something called the “prismatic coefficient” but that is all a bit technical.
Nick on Amelia closing in with the south tip of Sardinia, to lick our wounds after a lumpy sail from Menorca. Initially 35kn true on the quarter ending with 12 kn dead astern with a sloppy beam swell left over. Thank goodness for her hind quarters...

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Not true.  I’m just tall enough to bang into the mizzen   sheet - usually with speed.  Still looking to buy your ingenious gas valve ....

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