supplemental downwind sailing configuration for Super Maramu

James Cromie

Hello Super Maramu owners - 
I would like to take a poll of the group regarding preferred downwind sailing configurations:  those who use asymmetrical spinnakers versus the twin headsails, versus some other option such as a Parasailor.  
How does the performance of the these compare for light and moderate wind? 
A parasail is probably out of my price range, but what are the opinions of those who use it? 

Does anyone use a spinnaker on a top-down furler rather than with a sock?   

For an asymmetric spinnaker, I see the standard size is 115m^2.  Is this the size used by others on the forum? 

I would like to have a back up for the twin headsails in case of a sail or system failure.  
The most economical option is to have a spare ballooner.  However, a top-down furling spinnaker seems like an attractive and convenient option for short-hand deployment and dousing (particularly when sailing for many days at a time).

Many thanks,

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