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Hi Nick,

I am weighing in on this from a position of real experience. My background is racing yachts (albeit local, not international, but both coastal and offshore, around and out of New Zealand with all its wild water) The IOR designs with tucked in sterns were not designed like that for sailing characteristics but to beat a rating rule. (ie to get a good handicap) and good hull form was penalised however hard that may be to understand,

So the hull form was "artificial" and if they were driven hard off the wind wild broaching was common. HOWEVER the tucked in stern on the SM is on a hull with an overall good design. Ocean Pearl has carried us across the biggest ocean and downwind in big seas and gale force winds. NEVER has there been a control problem, ALWAYS the auto helm was able to keep perfect control. I did not buy her with any preconceived idea of how she would handle these conditions  but have quickly come to admire the design. I have never sailed a 54 or a 55 but would be very surprised if they were any different. One caveat to these comments: sensible choice of sail, both amount and configuration is needed on any yacht.



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I take issue with the comment about wide sterns in following seas. Actually a wide stern is what you want on a run or broad. It is called “powerful quarters”. The pinched in stern of IOR vintage might look pretty and offer a nice  clean run in light airs but will not help steering or give sail carrying ability off the wind. It might be a bit sticky in light air due to something called the “prismatic coefficient” but that is all a bit technical.
Nick on Amelia closing in with the south tip of Sardinia, to lick our wounds after a lumpy sail from Menorca. Initially 35kn true on the quarter ending with 12 kn dead astern with a sloppy beam swell left over. Thank goodness for her hind quarters...


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Not true.  I’m just tall enough to bang into the mizzen   sheet - usually with speed.  Still looking to buy your ingenious gas valve ....



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