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Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

I had to re-rig it after I pulled the main connection point out of the
boom. Sailed from from the Marquises to Tahiti like shown at the
start of the video. If you look closely you can see where it should
be connected. Now it's back to the same spot, better than original.


On 5/29/19, Mark Erdos <> wrote:
Hi Ken,

Was the mainsheet on the boom rigged correctly to start with? It is hard to
tell on the video but it looks as though it was the forward thingy under the
boom that broke. We were warned when we purchased Cream Puff that only the
middle under-the-boom-thingy was designed to take the loads required.

Nice video!

With best regards,


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I had to do this, and filmed it.

Ken Powers
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On 5/25/19, Capt. Steve Bode <> wrote:
Hey, Group.

What's the latest best answer on replacing the Genoa Fair Leads? My
are broken, one wheel is chipped. Tried taking it apart, but can't figure
out how to get the pin out of the center once the eye bolts are removed.
that center bar screwed in? At $750 a piece online, I'm not jazzed about
replacing the whole car.
Replacement car without extra hardware needed to adapt to Amel lead

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