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Thank you very much for an experienced, knowledgeable, and balanced reply. Just as the Super Maramu was a huge departure from what was built as a blue water cruiser in 1985-2005, the 55 is certainly a departure from the SM.

The only true judge is someone who has owned both, and you eloquently said, "While it took me sometime to get used to the change and I missed the SM2000, (who doesn’t experience that after changing boats?), after four years, I am extremely pleased I made the move."  

I am going to lock this thread because I am sure we each love our Amel regardless of the Model and it makes no sense for us to continue because in continuing some will take offense. Please remember what we all agreed to: "We encourage you to support the Amel brand and be respectful to the brand in your postings. Care should be taken to not post anything that will be offensive to any Group Member. Please refrain from political issues, rude, or inappropriate language."
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