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James Cromie <jamescromie@...>

Thanks Gerald.
I certainly could fly the ballooner free, but I’m looking for a larger surface area sail that will give greater range of AWA, as well as having a back up sail to the ballooner I have in case that were to blow apart…
I will likely have the sail made such that the foot of the sail is elevated off of the deck in order to clear the pulpit.

Alternatively, I could use a sock and rig the clew outboard of the pulpit, but I suspect I will end up not using it as much in that case.
A furler would allow me to quickly reel in the sail if the weather changes, as well as take it in at night and deploy in the morning.


On May 29, 2019, at 12:44 PM, Gerald Bassin <gerald.bassin@...> wrote:

Quite right James
The issue here, is to get clear of the genoa forestay,motor and top swivel.
Then you have the pulpit to worry about with your downhaul...

and for Paul's question: would I do it again...?
well in the Med I used that sail quite a lot... not so in the Caribbean eventhough on the lee side of some island with light winds we just keep moving...

So I'm not quite sure as we had lots of problems before we got a working system...

Just have to pay attention when getting close to the channels and furl the anaconda in due time...

Rgrds to all

So why not use the ballooner without forestay then?

On 29/05/2019 17:21, James Cromie via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks for the info. on your rig Gerald. Do you believe that the
top-down furler could be attached to the anchor point just above the
anchor in the pulpit and avoid using a bow sprit? If you did this, I
imagine you might need to elevate the furler mechanism with a 2:1
adjustable downhaul so that it could be raised to allow adequate
clearance from the gearbox housing.
On May 29, 2019, at 10:41 AM, Gerald Bassin <gerald.bassin@...> wrote:
Hi Paul
Here a few pics.
The bow sprit is a standard Selden product.
The "horse shoe" front attachement was custom made in Antigua after the Selden bolts of the original attachement broke during the Atlantic crossing (of course withe the sail up! but I confirm, the pullpit is solid and averted more damage).The Selden design does not allow for a lot of side forces I think.
The tail end box was also custom made in France to get the proper angle. It's basically a stainlesssteel box.
We have a port and a starbord halyard in order to clear the genoa top swivel. Huge chaffing problems before we arrived at that solution.
It is still possible to open the stbd lazarette and if we disconnect the aft end of the bow sprit, the acces to the cleat is granted.
The whole thing slides back out quite easily ro reduce LOA!!
The code D is attached to an anti torsion forestay so when it's rolled you have a kind of Anaconda which you can store in a 5-6ft sail bag.
Unfortunately during our last 4 season in the Caribbean (Dec-May), the wind was often to strong or from the wrong direction to use it...
Here also a link:
Feel free to ask more questions !
On 29/05/2019 14:04, Paul Osterberg wrote:
Gerald looks great
Do you have any pictures on the bow sprit? Who made it? We also want a
detachable, else one has to pay for it each time hauling out.
When the code D is furled how much space does it take? is it easy to
find storage for it?
assume you diesel consumption reduced since you got it?
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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