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Thanks, Mark,  That will save me few bucks.     It seems that I am going to have to strip down the pipework to dislodge the present blockage. Thankfully, the tank is still filling and the membranes are only two seasons old so I know the quality is good.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Lavrion Greece

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Hi Ian and Judy,


The tap is available in most hardware stores for under $5


watermaker tap 2.jpg


watermaker tap 1.jpg



With best regards,





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Hi all,


 We have the 60 lph Dessalator which has nearly 3,200 hours on it in 19 years. Really pleased with its performance.

 However, one weakness is the chrome tap on the control board, because its cock depends on a rubber washer which perishes too easily and I haven't found a way to replace the washer so have had to buy new taps from Dessalator. I think we are now on our fourth.


 We use the tap regularly  to test the quality of the water with a handheld gadget.


What has now happened is that the pipe to the tap has become blocked, so that even with a new tap fitted no water comes out when the tap is opened.


When you switch off the w/m , if you leave the tap open you will hear a sucking noise as air is sucked into the tap.  I think what must have happened is that when the last washer perished a piece of the washer broke off and was sucked into the pipe and now blocks is.


I have tried blowing and sucking but to no avail. The next step would be to insert a wire very gently to see if I can dislodge the obstruction, but I am reluctant to do this is there is a safer way.


Has anyone else had this problem ? Any solutions ?


Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Lavrion, Greece

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