Re: [Amel] modifying stainless lifelines on 48' Maramu

David Wallace

Hi Bob and Joyce,

We own Maramu #104 which is the 46' model. About a year ago we finally had a gate installed on the port side (I've attached a picture). The lifeline remains very rigid fore and aft of the gate. On the right side of the gate you should be able to see the top section hanging down -- it swings up and then sets down on top, with a pin holding it in place. We do not have the jig sheet travelers with our vintage Maramu, but since the force generated on a stantion by its use is at the lower end, it doesn't seem as if having a gate would cause a problem.

We live in the San Francisco Bay area, but the boat is now semi-permanently in the Sea of Cortez.

Dave and Merry
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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 05:36:02 +0000
Subject: [Amel] modifying stainless lifelines on 48' Maramu

My wife and I are new owners of a 48' Maramu. We have the standard

stainless lifelines and my wife would like it modified so she can get

on and off easier. I'm concerned that we may weeken the life line and

the spiniker sheet traveler adjustment by modifying the line. Has

anyone made or seen this modification?

We love our Amel and currently live aboard in Seattle, Washington.

Bob & Joyce

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