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I think you identified two big issues. The heat will reach the operating temperature of the engine, which is 80C. 

I just did a search of nylocs. The temperature range is all over the place, but 80 degrees seems within the range of all I checked that specify a temperature range. And 10-15 used seems to be the range of those that claimed multiple use. 

The fact is that most of us would not think of these things and grab nylocs from a bin without any verification of material used, or specifications. That fact, along with the fact that Chinese manufacturers probably make most of these, spells problems.


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Hi Kent:

You are correct that Nylock nuts a single use items (at least in aircraft applications and I assume in other critical applications).  They are also low heat suitable as nylon deforms at temperature.  I don't know how hot this area gets but perhaps metal locking nuts would be better.  In the aircraft industry metal locking nuts are used in virtually all engine compartment applications.  There are specially coated metal locking nuts that are suitable even on exhaust components. 
Various types such as    or  for aircraft

You will have to do some research to find the metric size and grade you need. 

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