Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,

I have an Amel-Dessalator 160 lt 2004 and I'm in Venezuela.

At the start the low press gauge doesn't mark green and remains on red, but after 2 minutes ca the HI press starts and it is possible to regulate the Restrictor valve and to have fresh water. No allarm. It seams all working properly, also the Low P.

I have replaced the 2 filters without any change.

may be the gauge blocked in the thin blu tube ? other problems?

More, the restrictor valve drips a little.I have tightened the bolt once 5 monthes ago, now it drops again and I have tightened it again. Is it normal ?

Where is possible to find Dessalator service in Caribbean ?

Thank to all for any suggestions and all the best for the New Year

Giovanni TESTA


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