Re: Batteries: single failed battery in the house bank, impact for other batteries


Hi David & Leanne,


I want to say Hi and to put in a comment about your batteries.

 Frist, I agree with Bill that you should replace the lot.  Second, I suggest a different replacement.  If you can get them, and they are widely available in france and Europe, I have been very pleased with Calcium batteries (really calcium, lead, acid).  The Calcium batteries take a much higher (and faster) charging voltage, don’t discharge when left for extended periods of time, and have a longer life and  more cycles.  They are usually sold as sealed, no maintenance batteries.  I recall that mine cost about 50% more than a standard deep-cycle lead acid, but the long life compensated.

If you do go that route, be sure that the charging voltage is as high as specified.  I was warned that if it was less, the batteries would not last.

Other than the battery problem, I trust that you are both having a wonderful time.  


Warm regards,


Miles  s/y Ladybug, sm216, Le Marin, Martinique


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