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Great info Bill. Thank you. 
I’ll measure and get back to you
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Amel 54 owners,

Many of you are considering new standing rigging.
It has come to my attention that sometime between 2009 and 2010 Amel installed larger size Mainmast Lower and Intermediate Shrouds on Amel 54s. I am not sure at which hull number the change took place, but I know that the smaller shrouds were still being used from the first Amel 54 to hull 117 (2009); and I know that the larger shrouds were installed on hull 162 (2010). Between these two hull numbers, Amel increased the wire size, first on the Lower and later on both the Lower and Intermediate shrouds. 
   Amel 54 Mainmast Shrouds latest information (French):
   Top Shroud (Galhaubans) 12mm (no change)
   Intermediate Shroud (Inters) 10mm (changed from 8mm)
   Lower Shroud (Bas Haubans AR) 12mm (changed from 10mm)
ACMO, Amel's OEM standing rigging supplier, currently ships the larger Lower and Intermediate shrouds when they receive orders for either these shrouds separately, or a complete standing rigging kit. If you have already installed new rigging and you or your rigger ordered the rigging from ACMO, you are likely fine. If the rigging was not made by ACMO, chances are your new wire is the same size as the wire you had. This may be a problem for you.

Obviously, you will need to inform any rigger you use of this change. This week I have informed several riggers that I regularly contact, 

As with some information I share with the Amel Yacht Owners Group, my information is not necessarily officially from Amel. I do not speak for Amel. This is the case with this Amel 54 rigging wire size change. Because some of you are currently in the process of changing rigging, I am posting what I know today. If I learn more about this subject, I will update you here.
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