Re: Greek Cruising Tax

Gerhard Mueller


For entering the first time in Greek waters you need also the so called DEKPA (Cruising Permit).
It is for 51 Euro the first year and any boat length and may be another 15 Euro for handling. Each year at the exact right time it needs a stamp from the Hellenic Coastguard which is for free.
The boat tax TEPAI however has to be payed for each month the boat is cruising and not on the hard or out of order (not used). It is needed for boats from 7 meters length on (16, 25 or 33 Euro/month). Boats with a length above 12 meter pay however 8 Euro per month and meter. So for e.g. the Maramu (15.43 meter = 16 x 8) it is 128 Euro per month.
Gerhard Mueller
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