Re: 220 volt exhaust blower replacement


Agree on the wimpy 220V exhaust blower.....after installing a new capacitor (original spec) it works OK but seems about half the flow of the engine fans--others, trying to juice it up with a capacitor have noted burning smells, I think.  The watermaker pump is another device that has to work in high heat.  We have a 220V outlet high up on the forward bulkhead of the engine room and a 220v fan aimed at the watermaker and charger (also used off the inverter or shore power when working in the engine room).  Like many others with solar we only run the generator to make that and the charger are always working when the generator is on.  If others are not close around I open the engine compartment to keep things cooler but we shouldn't have to do so.

Maybe someone has a good, more powerful, replacement for the extractor fan--by definition when the generator is going we don't need to skimp on 220 power.  Or maybe there is a way to activate the engine blowers when the generator is on.  I like the idea of manually switched engine blowers. In hot climates, frequently when we switch off the motor we like to vent the heat out of the engine room and usually open the engine hatch to do so.  In many situations the batteries are charged up and we would still have enough solar to offset the fans.  

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM429
Spaanse Water, Curacao

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