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James Alton

Tony and Lel Wells,

   Thanks for providing the details of the insurance required for sailing Greek waters.  My renewal is coming up shortly and I will check to be sure that all of these requirements including the translation are included.  I have printed out your post for reference.  


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On Jun 1, 2019, at 4:05 AM, tony wells via Groups.Io <tony.wells@...> wrote:

You should have a “Greek Compulsory Third Party Yacht Liability Endorsement” from your insurer, translated into Greek. It needs to clearly state the following levels of cover to satisfy Greek legal requirements:

Personal injury / death: €500k per accident 
Personal injury: €50k per passenger 
Material damage of any type: €150k per accident or occurrence in aggregate for the policy year
Pollution: €150k per accident or occurrence in the aggregate for the policy year

The above wording is copied from my document. I’m sure your insurance broker / provider will be familiar with this requirement and issue the one page document required. 

I have seen skippers applications for their Dekpa’s being rejected by the Port Police when  not having this precise document with clearly stated limits. 

Incidentally, all the permit/tax processes are straightforward - not much more cumbersome than the many pre-registration websites / island formalities experienced around the Caribbean. Assuming the Tepai tax website works, of course, as others have noted! 

Hope this helps

Tony & Lel Wells
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On 1 Jun 2019, at 09:10, Gerhard Mueller via Groups.Io <carcode@...> wrote:


No, there is no need to have translated papers of any kind into Greek language.
However recently the Hellenic Coastguard here in Kalamata (Messinian Bay) fined a German motorboat owner for his papers.
He has had only papers to use his boat in german inland waters (rivers and chanels) but not at coastal waters or even at sea.
We others first thought the fine was because his papers are not greek language. After some investigation we found out that he has no licenses to drive at sea.
Gerhard Mueller
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