Re: Greek Cruising Tax


Good advice, Craig,
We carried a state boater safety license with us as well.  As you noted, they are easy to obtain and look nice and official--plastic with your name AND a number.  It was asked for, examined once in Greece, 3 times in Italy (when we obtained the silly "Constitutos") and in Tivat, Montenegro where the harbourmaster scrutinized it for a number which was duly recorded.  I think Tunisia also asked and accepted it as evidence that I was the skipper.   It was not requested at all in Croatia which has an online reputation for demanding a license (we entered in Cavtat) .

Related--in the US, we brought our passports into Staples and had them reduce and color copy the first 2 pages down to wallet size.  Then they laminated and we carried in our wallets.  It allowed us to frequently leave our passports in our safe.  Always worked for cell phone sims, hotels, rail passes, deposits for audio guides, etc.  What we did not expect was that many government officials accepted them as official IDs!  Insist on a thicker thermal lamination, not the thinner adhesive lamination plastic.

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM429, Curacao

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