Re: mildew / mold in cabinets on white fabric liner



That fabric is made from a synthetic yarn named Draylon. Draylon is an acrylic fiber. These fibers will not attract mold, but when dust accumulates on the fibers, mold can adhere to the dust. The cabinets should be vacuumed on an annual basis.

I have successfully used a product called MicroBan ( to kill mold and mildew. It will take 2 applications and about 2 weeks. Once that is done, you should vigorously vacuum the fabric to remove any residue. Once that is complete, if you still see signs of staining, you may want to shampoo the fabric with water and mild liquid soap (a weak mixture). Rinse using a sponge...then use a wet vac to remove as much moisture as possible. Getting all of the moisture out as soon as possible is very important...use fans to dry the fabric completely and leave the doors open for a week to ensure the fabric is dry.

You will find that this fabric is very durable and the fiber used to make this fabric is the best in the world.

I hope this helps you.


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Dear Judy  & Ian,
thanks for the reply and advice.

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