Re: mildew / mold in cabinets on white fabric liner

Gary Wells

Ours were kind of rough when we bought Adagio, and it took some experimenting before I found a good option.  I say 'good' but it's still a.fair amount of work.
Folex brand stain and mildew remover was the first assault.  Spray it on heavily, let it soak for several (10-15) minutes then scrub with a bristle brush.  
Next, I use a "Green Machine" miniature carpet cleaner with a mix of pet stain/odor removing carpet shampoo and hot water. Using this, I soak, scrub and wet-vac until it looks pretty good.
Finally, I again used the Green Machine with water and about 3%-5% bleach and it really made it look nice.  
I did only a couple of cabinets at a time so I could use portable fans to make sure they dried out nice and quickly.

I was worried that all this chemical attacking would possibly loosen the adhesive, but so far so good after about 5 years.

Generally, we leave cabinet doors open if it's reasonably do-able just to keep some airflow going.  

It's a tough scenario with such a tight boat.  Good problem to have, actually :). 

Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio
Maryland, USA

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