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David Vogel

Greetings Stefano,

When we ‘updated’ the unit on-board when we purchased, we replaced it with an LG brand microwave with fan-forced resistive heater, but the microwave part of it was not able to run on the inverter. And it was unwise to use the conventional / fan-forced oven side of things, because the clearance around the unit were not big enough to provide adequate airflow, and the woodwork on the right-hand-side of the unit (plus behind), got uncomfortably hot. So we never used it in conventional/fan-forced mode. It was a waste of money to pay for the extra functionality. And then we accidentally fried it when we ran it for too long on 60Hz shore-power – fine for 60 seconds for coffee, but not 12 minutes for rice.

We reverted to a ‘basic’ microwave-only unit from Panasonic, which as it’s own internal inverter, and it works fine on the boat’s inverter. Model: NN-ST651W, although we would have preferred the NN-ST651B (B for black) model , which is what we thought we’d ordered.

Perigee, SM#396, Panama

On 3/6/19, 5:14 am, "Stefano Biffi" < on behalf of> wrote:

Dear all, after 20 years my microwave ARTHUR MARTIN ELECTROLUX MG2012 gave up. Thanks to excellent service I need to find a new one. Any suggestion for a quality model available in Europe?

N’EVEREST Super Maramu 185

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