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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Craig;

We do all systems flush when decommissioning for Winter. About 10 minutes per individual system. Anchor wash, AC, refrigeration, generator and engine.

We just serviced the heat exchanger on both the generator and engine, and rhe after cooler on the engine after 10 years and they were in pretty good condition and would have probably not needed service for another 5 years..

I would consider daily fresh water flush excessive an unnecessary for our Maintenace procedures.


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Bob and Suzanne,
    Just out of curiosity, what's your procedure for flushing your engines' (main & generator) sea water circuits after use? I know some people swear by it, but it seems quite a chore if you're doing it, say, twice a day for the generator and another time for the propulsion engine. Do you, perhaps, have a valve arrangement so you can switch quickly from sea water to fresh?
    I only flush mine if I'm decommissioning the boat on the hard. I remove the intake hose from the strainer, stick that in a bucket of fresh water and run the engine until the water is gone, adding antifreeze if in northern climate.
Craig - SN68 Sangaris

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