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We installed a water sensor alarm in this area.





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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Stuffing box drainage path


As I write this, I want to be clear that a) my stuffing box is dry thanks to copying Eric Freedman's stuffing box extension idea and b) I'm not contemplating changing anything on my boat (SM2K 422). 

My question is more of a "why is it designed this way" question. 

There are a handful of normal paths for water to enter the boat. They all lead to the bilge or out of the boat directly. Chain locker and bow thruster....plumbed to bilge. Main mast furler wire loop.....drains in bow shower. the scuppers.....but the stuffing box area just overflows into the starboard lower cubby in aft and all over floor. This, when that area would have been a downhill run under bed and into aft shower. Seemingly consistent with the other areas if it drained that way.

I suspect that the designers felt it was important to spot the first gallon of stuffing box leakage by making it obvious, but bow thruster and chain locker water buildup are arguably also important. 

As I said, I would never change something like this. Just wanted to understand more about the design theory.

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