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Not an expert but I know that via many rerigging jobs that with Imperial sized wire end fittings that a range pins sizes will be available for a given wire size. I am not sure but suspect this will be the same with metric wire ends fittings you will be using. For instance Blue Wave lists two pin size options for their terminal eyes for 12mm wire. It would be good to check the strength of your clevis pins since there are a few options here in material and you will probably be using the smaller pin for the 12mm wire. When I rerigged and inspected my then 30 year old ACMO rigging on my Amel the clevis pins were the only parts that showed corrosion so I am giving some consideration to going with Titanium. The Titanium ups the strength quite a bit over stainless and Titanium does not have the corrosion issues that stainless does. My concern being whether this might cause galvanic corrosion in the stainless terminal ends, if anyone has an experience with these pins let me know. I know of a number of experienced sailors that use the Titanium and so far have not heard of any failures due to using this material for pins. I have always been curious about using the Dyform since it is smoother in form so reduces wind resistance a bit and is rated as being stronger but I don’t see it used on many boats.
I rerigged with ACMO since the original rigging seemed to be of such good quality. I like the wire and end fittings on the new rigging but not as happy with the supplied clevis pins which I will be replacing.

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Further to the news that the Amel 54 should have 12mm aft lowers not 10mm and that the intermediates should be beefed up from 8mm to 10mm. I am now seriously working this out.
On the face of it I can order the replacement wire and fittings from ACMO in France and have it a week later. What worries me is that the pin sizes will increase (I guess)
This should be no problem at the bottom where there is a massive chainplate that I could drill out to accept the bigger pins but at the top at the spreader bases it will be tricky.
Has anyone been there and done this project?
What about sticking to 8mm and 10 mm but upgrading the wire quality to say Dyform? Dyform offers about 30% more strength than standard 1x19?
Any experts out there?
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