Re: Batteries: copper bars will not work - be sure that you have jumpers to wire the pairs in series

Scott SV Tengah

I see the point in using jumper wires but for those with or contemplating lithium:

I would suggest using copper bars. When I changed to lithium, the electrician installed jumper wires between the 12v lithium battery pairs. They were of the same size as the wires that lead back to the bus bars. For some reason, the wires got extremely hot when running high loads. Note that with my setup, I have 200amps of charging capacity and a 5kw inverter, so to stress test it, I did in fact draw nearly 5000 watts out of the batteries for half an hour. The jumper wires got uncomfortably hot.

Changing to copper bars fixed that problem. Make sure you secure the batteries well, though. The one thing I really don't like, is that any movement in the batteries will put force on the terminal posts.

Amel 54 Tengah #69

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