Re: Watermaker


Hi Michael,
Valved manifolds are a great idea.  We have a ball valve between the Dessalator feed  and the manifold (don't know if all SMs do) and that is useful for 2 reasons--1) when you flush the Dessalator water will push back out that hose.  The ball valve can be shut and this prevents salt water from sitting in that hose or entering it when the manifold is supplying salt water for other things such as toilets. 2) IF you have a leak in the 3 way fresh water flush valve for the Dessalator AND your ball valve to the strainer is closed, that leak will eventually push water into the lift muffler and will rise up through the exhaust loop and can flood your generator (its loop is lower than the Yanmar/Volvo).  This has happened to at least 2 Amel owners that I know.  Having the supply from the manifold to the Dessalator closed is additional insurance that this will not happen.

A couple of months ago we were in the Amel Center in Le Marin and saw these manifolds---which they were fabricating for an Amel 54....Albon told me they could supply for an SM as well.  Didier also talked about installing a valved manifold.


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