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I think Cream Puff was retrofitted. We have a pump in the area that collects water from the leaking bow-thruster area connected to a sensor and alarm. When the sensor kicks in the alarm sounds and the pump automatically pumps the water into the forward head shower pan that obviously makes its way to the bilge. The alarm can be silenced for those trips when the bow thruster seriously need new seals.


I particularly like this set up because no modification was made to the watertight bulkhead.



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Can that change be retrofitted to a 1999 SM?

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Late model SM Bow Thrusters do capture any sea water seepage and drain that to the gray water bilge. This change was done sometime in 2003.


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My bow thruster will not leak to an exit to the bilge.  It will be stopped at the forward head where it must be dealt with manually.  If you have a situation where seawater has a direct path to the the engine room bilge (other than the anchor locker), I would say that it's not original (or I didn't read your statement correctly). ..  

Having a water alarm next to the rudder quadrant is a great idea.  I just have to hoist the bed once a month while we're parked, once a day while we are underway.

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