Bow locker floor/hawse pipe replacement

Mike Ondra

An update on the hawse pipe replacement.

After consideration of the many options and suggestions, I did a cheap and easy installation with schedule 40 PVC and standard fittings. If it doesn’t hold up, its an easy replacement to move on to a more robust solution.

Basically the rusted out 3” steel hawse pipe was cut out with a reciprocating saw leaving behind about 3 cm stubs top and bottom. 3” PVC was cut to the same length as the cut out steel pipe. PVC slip fittings (a coupling at the bottom and a 3” to 4” adapter at the top) were slid completely onto the PVC, the assembly inserted in the opening, and the fittings slid up and down to close the ends. Machine screws (no glue) secured the couplings in place making for easy removal at a later time.  

As I said, cheap and easy. This solutions DOES NOT address the issue of the aft starboard windlass bolt reinforcement. Looking at the installation, the proximity to the vertical bulkhead separating the bow lockers as the primary structural support for the windlass, and the associated windlass loads, it seemed that this reinforcement could be overkill.

Anyway, while in the anchor locker we took the opportunity to reinforce the top of the plywood chain diverter with aluminum angles bolted together as it was eroding and delaminating.

Open to comments as always.

Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240

Rock Hall, MD

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