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Photo when you get a chance. 

My problem was someone else was asking me by phone. I knew where it was, how to operate it, but didn't have a drawing or photo to send to him. And, by phone, I couldn't describe it well enough for him to find it. In his case it wasn't painted red. Additionally, the manual I had did not have an illustration. Fortunately, Kent emailed me a drawing.

Craig, I believe the stop cord was a Volvo option, at least I remember reading that yesterday.

It is important to not only know where the lever is, but to ensure it is painted red and you have tested it. The Yanmar(s) and Onan(s) mechanical shut offs are painted red. The Volvo D3 has a red stop button on the stbd top side of the engine. 

The Onan will shut down when Master Battery switches are turned OFF, or either the red Emergency or 12 volt switches on its panel are turned OFF. Like the Onan, the D3 requires 12 volts to run, but it will not shut OFF with the Main Battery Switches turned OFF because the D3 will self-power from it's 12 volt alternator.


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Bill and all,
On our SN there's a light line (or cord) tied to the hole in the injection pump lever and run to a hole drilled in the lip of the engine room hatch opening. You just lift the hatch and pull on the cord - no need to go anywhere near the engine.  I'm next to certain that Captain Henri installed it himself.
Craig, SN68 Sangaris.

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