Re: TMD22 Emergency Shutoff


Hi Bill,

Previous owner had installed a cable shut off pull--just Google "cable shut off pull" or you can buy them on eBay.....the red pull handle is right under the helm seat and he had just drilled a small cable diameter hole straight down into the engine room and then to the manual fuel shut off lever thingy on the engine....cable is not in the way of anything.  We went through a period when our red Yanmar stop button did not work (fixed with CorrosionX) and it was pretty handy!  There are plenty of situations where you don't want to have to climb down into the engine room to stop the diesel engine. I can send pics but it is pretty straight forward.  

Blocking the air intake is necessary if you have a diesel runaway (where the engine begins to consume the crankcase oil).  The electric or manual fuel shut off will not work in that situation.  I just hate it when that happens!

Bob KAIMI SM 429
Aruba, Apparently the Windiest Place in the Universe

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