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Ian Park

Exactly! So once I’ve used 350 litres do I have 10 litres left or 50? It’s the original stick too. So I was just asking other Santorin owners whether they register a 400 reading when the tank is full?


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Isn't the point to see how empty the tank is? Dipstick works great & a new one can be made.
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My Santorin does not have that line fitted. I will check on the lever on the pump. It sounds like a good idea to fit one and put a dash of red paint on it too.

On another topic - do you still have the fuel dipstick? I can only fill my fuel tank up to the 360 litre mark. I can see the diesel in the neck of the filler pipe so I know it must be full. I just wonder if Henri designed it to have a 40 litre reserve.....

Best wishes. Just out of the Caledonian canal en route to the Baltic. Lots of ran here.

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