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I am sorry but I am not happy with my Volo TMD22 (Perkins) engine

_In the first hand *the price* of :_

* the engine,
* the parts :
o tubo is made by GARRETT cost for a NEW *380EUR *by VOLVO
_*1 500*_EUR....
o Heat exchanger ref 861581 4 148,15EUR !!!!!
o Heat exchanger _eleme _ref 861607 1 785,65 EUR !!!!!!!
o etc...
* service costs .... etc.


*_On the second hand :_*

* service is for me bad :
o I asked Volvo in Grenoble to have the technical manual they
refused ....
o I asked Volvo the procedure to adjust the Bosch fuel pump :
no answer
o I asked Volvo the reference of the the Bosch fuel pump :
no answer

* Technical support with me experience is not at a NORMAL level :
o Change of parts that are good (and if you see there price
you can understand)
o *_No efficient technical support_*
o etc...

_*Be sure, I NEVER buy a boat with a VOLVO in *_

Jean Boucharlat a écrit :

I beg to disagree... !

Yanmar is certainly not a bad engine but, during a one week hands-on
training course a couple years back, I had the opportunity to take
apart and
rebuild both the Volvo TMD 22 and the Yanmar and it was quite obvious that
the Yanmar was much more lightly built than the Volvo. From the block
to the gudgeons holding it and any other parts, the Yanmar looked flimsy
once dismantled.

This being said I am certain that Yanmar, a competent company, did a good
job of designing and building this engine but it wasn't meant
originally for
marine use. It's a car or light truck engine adapted for marine use.

As to the Volvo, in fact, there isn't much Volvo in it as the block is
indeed an original Perkins block built in Japan by Kubota! But it's, in my
opinion and experience, a good and reliable engine.

Now, Amel didn't change over to Yanmar because of quality issues with
they changed because of the lack of flexibility of Volvo in accommodating
special requests from Amel. In particular, a few years ago, they had a
problem getting Volvo to supply them with a rather unusual part, the small
caps used to plug the foundry holes (in French, my mother tongue, "trou de
fonderie") that you find on the sides of the engine block. This was
not very
surprising as the foundry work is done in Japan, probably by a
of Kubota.

You may also know that Amel has gone back to Volvo for their 54.

I entirely agree, though, that Volvo parts are indeed outrageously

Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232 Satchimi

N.B. I'm not a Volvo employee, nor agent, nor in anyway related to Yanmar
and/or Volvo! Just a customer.

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*DON'T hesitate YANMAR is the best choice !!
TMD22 is a VERY BAD engine (AMEL skipped to YANMAR), Volvo part are TO
expensive, service in NOT qualified !! >:o
_For your information_ : a new turbo on a tmd22 coast 380EUR and
injector can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning,
both is easy to do by yourself if you have some mechanic experience.


Jorge Zlatar a écrit :

Dear All
I have in my SMM #195 a Volvo Penta TMD 22 B with almost 5.000 hrs, I
was going to replace the turbo and Injectors, the cost is almost the
same as a new engine. I have a quote for a new Volvo and for a new
Yanmar. Have any one replace the TMD22 . What will be the right choice?.
Thanks in advance

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