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James Cromie <jamescromie@...>

Mark - you used the A005 brush, and not the A007 from Eurton?  I believe someone else posted using the A007 for the Leroy Somer motor, but it looks like yours fit perfectly.  
Could you confirm that it is indeed the A005 that you used? 

By the way, the genoa toe pulleys look nice on my boat!  I’m about to try them out. 

Many Thanks.
SV Soteria SM2K 347  

On Jun 9, 2019, at 2:41 PM, Mark McGovern <mfmcgovern@...> wrote:

Thanks Kelly and Ryan for the information! These worked perfectly in our Leroy Somer MBT86M Main Furler and Outhaul motors.  Our main furler stopped working under any load at the end of last season.  It would spin freely when not loaded and I was able to easily furl and unfurl the mainsail manually so I figured it was likely worn brushes and/or a dirty armature.  Sure enough, it was both.  I replaced the brushes and cleaned the armature and they both work great.  Here is a direct link to the place I bought them:

And here are some pictures of the brushes:

New brush on the left and old brush on right:

They really are a perfect fit and they are even cheaper when you buy 11 or more so I stocked up.  Thanks again for the information.  I love this group!

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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