Re: gross and net tonnage

Craig Briggs

Dennis and Paul et al,
Do note that Gross and Net Tons have nothing to do with what your boat weighs.  They are volume measures originally used for tax to be paid on the volume of cargo. It has nothing to do with what your boat weighs on the travel-lift and you don't need to "fudge" the USCG formula to get what you think the boat weighs - that's wrong.  Here is an excerpt from the USCG's publication:
"2. GROSS / NET TONNAGE VS. DISPLACEMENT TONNAGE This Guide addresses gross and net tonnage, which relate to vessel volume and appear on a documented vessel's Certificate of Documentation (COD). Gross and net tonnage is widely used as the basis for vessel regulation and assessment of taxes and fees. Gross and net tonnage is not to be confused with displacement or weight tonnage, often expressed in "pounds", "tons" or "long tons".
Click on this link to read the publication and be able to correctly calculate your boat's Gross and Net Tonnage (which again, is NOT displacement or weight tonnage).

Good luck with it - it is really quite easy once you get the idea of weight out of your mind - it is not weight.

Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris Gross 31T Net 28T and it weighs about 11 tons on the travel lift.

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